CMC Paper-PRO combines the unrivalled CMC wrapping technology with the latest high-speed packaging and e-commerce requirements.
This automatic auto-bagger can securely wrap a variety of products in dynamically cut, ready-to-ship paper bags.

Orders are fed in continuous motion on a dedicated induct conveyor with the barcode presented on top. Integration to the customer WMS provides instant order association, full data management and 100% process integrity.

Orders are scanned for size so that each final bag is custom sized to the length and height of each order, thus reducing wrapping materials and volumes shipped.
Once wrapped, bags are sealed with low impact hot melt glue to guarantee for the highest sustainable results.

Optionally the system can integrate a despatch note/invoice printing and inserting system, check weighers and different sortation options.

CMC Paper-PRO can use both Paper-PRO Kraft cardboard paper and the newest Paper-PRO bubble paper that offer the same robustness and protection as standard polybags or padded mailers.
CMC Packvertizing is a unique full colour printing option that can transform a standard shipping bag into a real marketing tool, powering up branding and high valued personalisation.
With outputs of 2.500 bags/hour, CMC Paper-PRO is the optimal solutions for retailers and logistic companies to optimise their fulfilment process, providing immediate material savings, reduced shipping costs and improved carbon footprint.


More Info

– Optimal packaging for an omnichannel strategy
– Increased fulfilment speed compared to human operations of 120/130 bags per hour
– Can be integrated to any WMS
– No adjustments required on the fly
– Easy passthrough adjustment for different paper reel widths
– Labour savings through all-in automation (scanning, wrapping, address labelling and sorting)

Technical Specifications

Maximum mechanical speed: 2.500 bags/hour
Minimum bag size: 10x200x200mm
Maximum bag size: 400x300x40mm

Maximum mechanical speed: 2.500 bags/hour
Minimum bag size: 250x180x50mm
Maximum bag size: 700x500x150mm

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