CMC SmartMailer

The easiest way for e-tailers to send items in padded mailers

The CMC Smart Mailer is a compact continuous motion inserter which allows running a wide range of products in rigid mailers or padded envelopes.

The machine can feed either standard or non-standard products, by means of rotary feeders, shuttle feeders and hand feeding areas for non-standard products like CDs, cards or gimmicks, etc. Thanks to its modular configuration, CMC Smart Mailer can be customized to a wide range of products granting the highest integrity of data during the enveloping process with real-time product tracking controls, barcodes matching through optical readers or cameras, in line printing, selective feeding according to the barcode coming from a database, final daily report of all product runs sent to a company network system. All adjustments are fast and easy, ensuring correct and quick setting.


“The cooperation together with CMC was very constructive and fruitful.
With an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit in that coproduction, we have been able to revolutionize our packing process and make the next step in professionalizing our supply chain.”