CMC Genesys the only auto-packer that can be directly connected to a warehouse storage through the CMC Patented Vary-Tote system. Orders are automatically picked and consolidated in the CMC VaryTote which is directly conveyed to the Genesys auto packing system. CMC VaryTote features adjustable inner guides used to correctly size the items. This adjustment will determine the dimension of each box which will be unique to each order. This innovative concept allows you to feed and pack multi-line orders without the requirement to be strapped or wrapped together.

CMC Genesys is the ultimate solution for packaging automation. By using plotter to cut and crease the exact box template, CMC Genesys creates a unique box structure that not only uses less cardboard than a standard Regular Slotted Cartons but also holds items in position removing the need for void fill. When the plotter cuts ad creases the flat blank, trimmings aren’t cut out and discarded, but folded inside the 4 edges of the box creating a containing barrier for multiple items. The end customer experience is enhanced through the box “easy open” and “resealable strip”, as the same box can also be used for returns.

As any other CMC auto packing solutions, the machine dramatically saves labour costs and reduces freight/box volumes and cardboard consumption. Just in time consolidation in the Vary-Tote eliminates completely needless offline operations and allows to keep pace with the machine speed thus improving productivity. This new fully automatic technology eliminates any loading and human operations and improves the customer experience, delivering orders in perfect size, sustainable boxes.