CMC BubbleWrapper


CMC BubbleWrapper combines the unrivalled CMC wrapping technology with the latest e-commerce fulfilment techniques.

This flexible material packaging system complements CMC current high speed automated corrugated packaging offerings.

CMC BubbleWrapper can bag different size fashion items and a variety of other products in safe padded or poly materials. Length and thickness are adjusted on the fly based on the size of each order being processed.

Bubble Wrapper has some noticeable enhancements:

  • Very quick ROI vs. boxing and manual bagging
  • Dramatic productivity improvement
  • Materials availability including Bubble & Poly Mailer material; printed or unprinted
  • Unique carry handle feature built into the package: the perfect solution for CLICK & COLLECT
  • Significant materials reduction
  • Elimination of void fill
  • Automatic address labeling
  • Fully integrated to WMS
  • 100% data integrity!
  • 100% recyclable!
  • Higher protection