Smart Solutions for Sustainable Packaging

CMC is committed to a sustainable future, where both people and planet can thrive.

That is why we combine our engineering capabilities and passion for innovation, to create industry leading sustainable packaging solutions.

Today, the global economy creates more than we need, and wastes more than we can afford.

Our ambition is to be the go-to partner for sustainable packaging solutions globally, and the enablers of a Zero Waste and Net Zero Carbon future.

CMC, inspiring better futures through our ‘Smart Solutions for Sustainable Packaging’

*Proud partners of the KKR Global Impact Fund. We look forward to sharing our first sustainability strategy in Q3, 2022.*

CMC solutions enables retailers and logistics companies to create more carbon conscious choices through our sustainable packaging technology.

We know that to tackle climate change, the world needs to reduce C02 emissions in half by 2030 to keep global temperatures rising above 1.5ºC (Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Our solutions are purposefully designed to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials, and reduce emissions through:

  • operational efficiency improvements
  • material savings
  • waste reductions; and 
  • optimized shipping

Each order is perfectly wrapped – reducing carbon emissions across the entire distribution process. We will be conducting an LCA to show just how much GHG emissions can be saved by choosing CMC Solutions but until then, don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say:


Arvato Bertelsmann
[CMC’s] precise design of each box, which is cut to size for the order articles, saves materials and thus conserves resources. It is expected that the new [CMC] system will reduce the size of shipping boxes on average by about 20%, which also has a positive effect on the C02 balance of distribution. The carriers transport less empty space and can load more packages into a truck. This is entirely in line with Arvato Supply Chain Solutions’ sustainability strategy, which aims to be completely climate-neutral by 2030.”

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CMC solutions prioritizes resource efficiencies, while tackling the challenges faced by automated processes in multiple product packing across e-commerce and multi-channel retailing.

We are working towards a circular economic model whereby resources are optimized – through reusable products and recycled content, and packaging is minimised.

That is why:

  • We create right-sized packaging for each order.Our machines generate the right amount of packaging material to protect your products – order by order. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • We make ready to ship bags in a single workflow.We avoid over-boxing – making efficient distribution possible.
  • We make reusable boxes.With a “resealable strip”, the same box can be re-used for returns.
  • We can use 100% recycled materials. Our technology admits using up to 100% recycled material – saving natural resources and contributing towards a fully circular package.


LF announced on the 25th that it will introduce ‘CMC Carton Wrap’ system, an eco-friendly packaging system, to produce packaging boxes for all brands including LF Mall, the official online shopping mall, starting in July. […]
Since introducing Carton Lab, LF estimates that it will save about 25% (410 tons) of packaging boxes and90% (0.2 tons) of OPP tape annually. It is predicted that the use of vinyl (about 66 tons a year) used to pack small-volume products will be reduced.” – Oh Kyu-sik, CEO, LF
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CMC’s cut-to-size and on-demand packaging is made with resource efficiency and waste prevention in mind. Not only is it better for the planet, but it’s also cost effective and minimal nature provides an ‘enjoyable unboxing’ experience for consumers.
Our lean production solutions reduce waste generated from:

  • Over-packaging. Right-size packaging eliminates void fillers and waste arising from excess materials.
  • Paper or cardboard scraps. High precision technologies are used to create perfect product dimensions via a dynamic cutting system purposefully made to reduce paper offcuts.
  • Obsolete and surplus package stocks. On-demand packaging can be dynamically branded or personalised, therefore reducing waste that is normally accrued from long held inventory.
  • Product damages:Right-size packaging reduces the risk of product damage that usually occurs from ill-fitting packaging.


[Postnord’s] manual process had become increasingly time consuming. They were using as many as 25 different types of packaging and lots of void fillers to compensate for empty space in the boxes. As a result, the costs for managing their inventory and storing space were dramatically increasing
The challenge was to find a solution capable to optimise their process, simplify their inventory management and reduce volumes.
By installing CMC CartonWrap, we enable a more efficient packaging process with less manual handling. We also save on packaging materials for our customers because the boxes are custom-made according to the product being shipped and because we don’t have to use filler materials. Another big plus is that the boxes in CMC CartonWrap are very impact-resistant, which reduces the risk of damage to the shipments. This is a good investment that ensures greater efficiency and quality, which is also beneficial from an environmental perspective,”
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Plastic pollution has never been more critical. According to the Ellen MacArthur foundation, 78 million tons of plastics are created every year. Of this, 40% is sent to landfill and 32% is discarded on land or in waterways.
There is mounting pressure from both regulators and environmentally conscious consumers, who are calling for businesses to eliminate unnecessary plastics.
CMC packaging solutions enable our customers to address this call. By drastically reducing box sizes by up to 40%, we reduce plastic by eliminating ‘empty box space’ that otherwise would have been occupied by plastic void fillers. From air pillows, bubble wrap, to packing peanuts (polystyrene foam balls), CMC solutions are perfectly placed to eliminate these entirely from your product packages.


Toll Group
We were looking for a sustainable packaging solution that would not only bring us more operational efficiencies, but that would also help us achieve more sustainable and carbon-neutral operations, including the use of 100 per cent recyclable materials
By introducing a variable and sizeable solution like the CartonWrap 1000, we were able to effectively take out all plastic packaging out of the equation for our customer. This technology has allowed us to package and ship smaller fulfilment sizes than ever before.
Even in the traditional box and carton methodologies that use recycled material, there is still a significant cost in either shipping air or utilising some kind of void filler. These inefficiencies increase your carbon footprint, be it in the warehouse space or in the supply chain.
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CMC’s integrated solutions for packaging, is proud to improve operational efficiency and productivity in e-commerce and multi-channel retailing.
Our lean production model inherently reduces energy consumption, excess waste, and allows for more efficient use of labour.
More specifically, CMC systems optimize operations and logistics are by:

  • Generating ready-to-ship bags and boxes in a single workflow
  • Simplifying inventory management by eliminating multi-sized or pre-impressed package stockage
  • Reducing waste management operation for obsolete stock
  • Reducing warehouse space required with long held inventory and stock movements
  • Optimising our supply chain by achieving volumetric efficienccy


LDI Logistics Group
For companies [, CMC Solutions] means high productivity, quality of service and cost reduction. They no longer have to store multiple-sized boxes, resulting in less warehouse space, no risk of not having the correct size box, the shipping labelling system is integrated, high productivity (makes up to 1,000 boxes in 1 hour). Not to mention the positive image perceived by customers, who care about a lower environmental impact linked to their purchases, fast deliveries, easy-to-open packaging, ease in the return process.
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