This year’s CMC Innovation Day is shaping up
to be bigger and better than ever.

We are very pleased to announce the newest mix of CMC technologies and innovations for the supply chain including on demand packers, robotics and picking systems.

Among our latest breakthrough:

CMC CartonWrap
CMC CartonWrap XL
CMC e-Totes SmartStore with integrated AGVs
CMC SmartStore for books and cuboids
CMC Miniload Totes-SmartStore
CMC SmartMailer
CMC BubbleWrapper
We will also shine a spotlight on ancillary equipment to deliver high personalised and safe boxes and bags. CID19 is more than a technology event: the programme will include headline conferences, networking opportunities, fun and much more.
Be part of an impressive community of international retailers, brand owners and logistics industry leaders who have already confirmed their participation to this full day event.
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