CMC PICK2PACK: Best New Innovation at MHI Innovation Award at Promat 2019

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The MHI and Supply Chain Industry has recognised our newest Pick2Pack solution as Best New Innovation 2019!

Relive the excitement of the Award Ceremony with us.
CMC Pick2Pack combines our next generation of Auto Packers and the newest CMC SmartStore, an intermediate storage solution capable to inbound, pick and consolidate items in a continuous and seamlessly process.

Consolidated items are then presented to the CMC CartonPack for final packing. Each box is created to perfectly fit the size of the order being processes, thus eliminating any void filler and empty space.
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CMC brings picking and packing automation to the next level. Orders are automatically picked from CMC SmartStore and consolidated in the VaryTote which is directly conveyed to the CMC CartonPack autopacking system.

The Pick2Pack Robot automatically takes the totes from the Smartstore and picks single items out of them. Robot integrates the latest vision system.

The core of the system is CMC VaryTote. This CMC Patented tote features adjustable inner guides used to correctly size the items. The adjustment of these guides will determine the dimension of each box which will be unique to each order.

CMC Pick2Pack dramatically saves picking and packing labour costs whilst at the same time reducing shipping/box volumes and cardboard consumption; Picking and Consolidation in to the VaryTote improves efficiency and allows you to automate the packing of multi-line orders in perfect size boxes.
We would also like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about the value our technology can bring to their automation process.

Contact us to learn more about CMC picking and packing cutting edge technology and do not stop inspiring us in our innovation journey.
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